What is Samsung’s new bright bar?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone to come with a “bright bar” design.

Samsung’s recent design changes to the Galaxy S6 include the addition of a “shade bar” that provides a nice contrast between the sides of the screen, which is the most prominent feature on the S7.

But it’s not the only one that Samsung has made to its phones.

Other smartphone manufacturers have also made changes to their smartphone designs.

The Samsung Z10 comes with a light-up display that can be used to display notifications and other content.

And the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a curved design that is a lot more visible than the standard curved-shaped Galaxy S9.

But there’s one aspect of the S8 that has received a lot of attention in the past few months: its curved display.

Samsung unveiled its new curved display technology in April, but it’s only now becoming available to the public.

The curved display is an effort to make the display thinner, lighter and more efficient.

And Samsung is working on a new curved-display smartphone with a curved edge.

The company says that the new curved OLED display is capable of producing higher-resolution graphics.

And while the curved display will only be available in the Galaxy X series, it will be available for the Galaxy Note series as well.

What makes the Samsung curved OLED technology different from other curved displays?

The new curved technology uses curved edges to provide a more natural, smooth and natural-looking display.

The edges of the curved OLED panel have a surface area of 1.8 times that of the standard flat-screen display.

This is achieved by bending the edges in different ways.

The edge that is bent is the one that’s closest to the user, so the user is able to see what’s on the edge.

This also makes it easier to focus on the screen.

The result is a better overall viewing experience.

It is also less expensive to produce.

The new technology is still in its early days, so Samsung is aiming for lower costs, and that could also have a big impact on Samsung’s bottom line.

Is it a big deal?

The curved OLED screen is the biggest change Samsung has introduced to its phone design.

But the technology is far from revolutionary.

Samsung has not yet released a clear specification of how the curved edges will work on its curved OLED phones, so we don’t know how the new technology will look or feel.

The technology will also be limited to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S10 series, which means it won’t be able to be used on the Galaxy Tab Pro or Galaxy S5.

However, there is one notable exception: Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S11 series of phones will feature a curved OLED bar.

We’re hoping Samsung will offer a version of the technology for its Galaxy S13, as the curved-edge bar would be very useful for those users who use their phones a lot.

We’ll keep you updated as Samsung releases more details about the curved technology.

What about the Galaxy Z10?

Samsung has just announced the new Galaxy Z 10 , the first curved OLED phone with a 4.8-inch curved screen.

Samsung says that it has added the curved screen technology to the Z10 in order to improve the overall image quality.

We hope that Samsung will release an update for the Z 10 that allows the curved LCD display to be applied to other devices in the future.