What’s it like to work for a bright bar truck?

Bright bars trucking is a new trucking business based in San Diego, and the company says it’s trying to be a pioneer in light bar truck service.

Bright bars has a large fleet of trucks, including a bright orange one with bright bars logo, that are used for all kinds of tasks.

The trucking fleet includes a bright truck, a bright cab, a light truck and even a truck with a bright red cab.

“Bright bars is a company that we started working with,” Bright bar Trucking Owner Mark Viguera said.

Vigusa said he got the idea to start the company after working in trucking for nearly 20 years. “

I think that’s why we are successful, because we’re a great fit for light bars, and we are able to provide the services that they need.”

Vigusa said he got the idea to start the company after working in trucking for nearly 20 years.

“For a lot of people, trucking might seem like an intimidating thing,” Viguias said.

The bright bars truck can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in three seconds.

The company offers a variety of services including: light bar transportation, cab pickup, heavy lifting, truck maintenance and more.

Bright bar trucks are also available to hire, but Viguo said the company prefers to hire its own drivers.

The Bright bars’ truck, named the “Cab,” is a bright green, bright orange and red cab with bright bar logo and a bright yellow front end.

The cab can go up to 100 miles per day, depending on the season, and can handle heavy lifting and weight lifting.

“This truck is a light bar vehicle,” Viggueta said.

That means it can move between two different routes in just two minutes.

Bright is also making the cab lighter with a lighter engine, a single axle and a lighter transmission.

“When we do the light bar, we also want to get the cab down to zero,” Viglio said.

Bright has also invested heavily in its service and maintenance department, which has been growing at a rapid rate, he said.

There’s also a light bars trailer for light trucks, a full-size trailer and a light pickup.

Vigirosa said Bright bars trucks are more than just a truck, and its mission is to serve truck drivers in the San Diego area.

“Our customers love to use our trucks,” he said, adding that the trucking industry is growing at an alarming rate.

Bright also said it’s not just for trucks.

The trucks can go anywhere, and there’s a mobile service to accommodate heavy lifting or light hauling.

Vigliaas company is hiring full-time drivers and will continue to invest in truck maintenance.

Bright said it hopes to expand to the other cities in the area, but the company is focused on San Diego and will be working on adding more service options in the future.

The service, which includes an online platform and mobile app, is free and has a variety to choose from, including electric, gas and diesel trucks, he added.

Bright hopes to launch the service in 2017.