Aussie bars are a ‘great asset’ for investors, says Shane Bright

From the outside, a pub in the northern suburbs of Brisbane looks like a rustic, industrial relic.

But for some investors, it can be a valuable asset because of its rarity.

“There are lots of great bars that have been left in the ground and have not been taken over by the big players,” said Shane Bright, founder of the online bar and restaurant search site Bright Bars Rockwall.

Bright Bars Rockwalls bar has been a long-time favourite for those looking for a place to grab a drink after work.

He started his business in 2008 as a small, independent bar in a rundown inner-city area of Brisbane.

After opening his first bar in 2009, he expanded the business to three other locations in the suburbs, and in 2017 he opened the first Australian Bar & Grill in the suburb of Ballarat.

Mr Bright said it was hard to find a better bar than Bright Bars, because the quality of the food and drinks was top-notch.

The pub also has a “very unique” menu, which he said attracted people who normally would not go to a pub.

It also had a big menu, Mr Bright said, which attracted people that normally would go to other bars, and a few that would go for a drink.

That meant the pub was not only attracting a wider range of people, but also more tourists, he said.

A new trend among Australian bars is to add new ingredients to their menus to create new menu items, like burgers and wings, and then offer them to customers.

For the first time, Mr Lightbars bar will have a new menu item, called the ‘Dark Bar’.

“It is an alternative menu item that will not be offered at the bar itself, but instead at the restaurant where we will serve it,” Mr Bright explained.

There are a lot of great Australian bars that are left in some of the ground, he added.

Bars are known for having great drinks and good food, but they are not necessarily great for investors because of the rarity of the items.

So how do you find out if a bar is a good investment?

“The best thing about finding an Australian bar is to ask them,” Mr Light said.

“They have a really good track record of doing that and it is a really interesting experience, if you have a chance to talk to the barman.”

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) defines an Australian Pub as a bar that has been in the market for at least three years and is owned or managed by a person or company that holds shares in the business.

Bar owners have to be accredited by the ASX and have at least $1 million in Australian cash in the bank.

Australian bars are known to offer good value for money, and some bars offer free drinks, Mr Lights advice.

If you have any questions about Australian bars, Mr Lowy said he would welcome an email to [email protected]u.