Stars’ bar in Melbourne’s bar scene is ‘pretty cool’

A bar in the Melbourne CBD is the latest venue to use artificial light to create a “light show” that gives patrons a “sense of freedom” in the dark, according to bar manager Matthew Tulloch.

“We want to create an atmosphere where the patrons are comfortable, relaxed and relaxed at the same time, which is what this bar is really about,” Mr Tulloc said.

Mr Tulloe said the bar had been in the works for about six months and had been using LEDs in the bar’s ceiling since the middle of August.

The bar is part of the Australian Dance Theatre’s annual Light Up Festival, which runs from July 4 to 20, and the light has been installed by Australian Dance theatre members.

Dancers take part in a light show in the Bar in Melbourne on July 4, 2020.

A sign posted on the bar door reads: “We will be using LED lights for the foreseeable future.

Please remember they are NOT LED lights.

They are made from an old fashioned candle and they will light up.”

Light up the Bar’s ceiling in Melbourne (ABC News: Mark Hinton)Dancers and other attendees take part on a stage in the light show, which has been running for six months.

Lighting up the bar, which was created by Australian dance theatre members, has been a regular part of Light Up festival.

In addition to the lights, the venue has installed lights at other venues around the city, including the iconic Swanston Street Pub and the former Trolley Square Hotel, which closed in July.

The venue will also be taking part in the next Light Up event, which will take place on August 11.

As well as creating a “visual atmosphere”, Mr Tuloch said it was also “a way of getting people out of their comfort zones”.

“It’s an escape and it’s a way of reconnecting with nature and being outside,” he said.

“It also allows us to create some kind of ‘magic’ and light up the city as we would normally do.”

Light up Melbourne’s barsThe Australian Dance Theater’s Light Up Fest has been held in Melbourne since 2015.

The Melbourne International Light Theatre’s Light up Festival takes place every July 4-20.

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