How to remove a bright bar from your iPhone 5S screen

A bright bar that’s just about to pop off your iPhone5S display can sometimes be difficult to remove, so here’s how to do it.

Read moreAbout a month ago, we reported on the problem with bright bars popping off the iPhone 5s display.

It’s a bit of a mystery as to how it happens, but the problem has since been solved.

So, what’s going on?

Well, it seems that when you press and hold the power button, you actually release the iPhone5s screen which allows the bar to move.

It then pops off in the same direction as you hold the button down.

This is the same bar that pops off the screen of the iPhone6 Plus, but with a slight increase in brightness.

This photo of the screen from the iPhone 6 Plus has a slight yellow tint to it.

The screen has a white tint to the bar, which makes it slightly easier to remove.

This screen was taken with the iPhone7 Plus.

There is no bar at the top left of the display, which is where you’ll usually see a bright yellow bar.

This bright bar appears to have a yellow tint.

This iPhone7 screen has the same yellow tint, but also has a slightly darker shade of yellow.

The brightness bar has a very dark blue tint to them.

The iPhone7 has the slightly darker blue tint, making it a little easier to pull them off.

You’ll notice that both the iPhone8 and iPhone8 Plus have the same issue.

The bright bar is just barely visible when the bar pops off, which can make it a bit hard to pull.

It’s worth pointing out that these bright bars are not harmful to your screen, but are a bit annoying to look at and even annoying to remove from the screen.

It doesn’t appear that the bright bar in this case is the problem.

This bar appears very much like the one that pops on the iPhone 8 Plus.

The brighter bars appear to be more of an annoyance, but we wouldn’t recommend pulling these out unless you’re sure they’re harmless.

If you do decide to pull out these bars, be aware that they may look a little odd.

If you don’t like them, you can also remove them with a white-tinted adhesive pad.

Here’s how it worksWhen you press the power buttons on the back of your iPhone, you release the battery and the battery indicator light.

The white light on the battery will change to a blue one when the iPhone battery indicator is blinking.

The white light is also on the charging indicator light when the battery is charging.

You can also press the Home button to pull up the Notification shade.

You may notice a blue indicator next to the battery icon that’s not the one you’ve seen before.

This is because the light is blinking when you pull up.

The blue light on this indicator indicates that there is an external battery charging.

This icon shows the battery’s status.

This indicates when the device is fully charged.

This bar is not a real bar and it will not pop off.

The bar is instead a placeholder that will show up as soon as the bar is removed.

You don’t need to remove it completely as it doesn’t have to be completely removed to remove the bar.

The iPhone’s battery will remain active.

The bar will also pop off on other devices when they receive a notification.

If the bar appears in a notification, you’ll want to press the notification bar button to bring up the notification shade.

It is possible to make the bars disappear if you remove them quickly.

This can be done by holding down the power and volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

If a bar is no longer visible, you may be able to see it in a new location on the home screen.

You can also see the bar in the Notification Shade by pressing the power/volume buttons together.