Apple’s bright eyes bar app is getting a big overhaul

Bright eyes bar apps have been a hot topic in the Android ecosystem, as they’ve become popular for displaying more than just your eyes.

Now, the new version of the app is coming to Android, and it’s getting a lot more powerful.

The new app, codenamed “Bright Eyes,” is getting its own official Android version, codename “Brightness,” and has a new interface.

It’ll also get a new version that will work on Android devices running Jelly Bean, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This is the new “Bright eyes bar” in a screenshot from the Android version of Bright Eyes.

It looks very similar to the “Brighteyes” app that Google released in January.

But the app has a whole bunch of new features, like:It now works in both portrait and landscape modes.

It will automatically detect the size of your eyes, and when you try to view the app in portrait mode, the app will now automatically zoom in on your eyes and show a full-screen version of it.

Bright Eyes is also now able to recognize and show other apps, so it can display an app in a new notification bar at the bottom of your screen when it detects a new app.

Brightness is also able to display text from text-heavy apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

It can also show information in a text-filled notification bar that will only show information that has been updated in the last five minutes.

The app has also got a new “background” mode, in which it will automatically show the notification bar when you’re not actively using the app.

It’s also able that you can turn the app off or on when it’s not being used.

The “Bright lights” and “Bright” apps in the app, in the left and right side of the screen, respectively.

The interface has been completely revamped and will have a new look.

The bright eyes app will have new features like being able to zoom in, as well as being able show a notification bar in a notification area.

In the left side of your notification bar, you’ll now be able to change your brightness settings.

You’ll also be able set the app to only show notifications when the notification is in the foreground.

The notification bar is now always visible when the app isn’t in the background.

It will now display when you close the app and reopen it, and the notification area will now show the status of the notification.

It also has a bunch of additional features, such as being smart enough to detect when a notification is being displayed in the notification panel.

It is able to show an icon and a countdown clock to show you when it should be shown, and also can show a pop-up window that will tell you when the icon will be shown and when the countdown timer will run out.

The application will now notify you when a new alert is being shown in the status bar.

It has been smart enough that when you are going to send a new email or a text message, it will now alert you as soon as the notification appears.

Bright eyes is also smarter than before about what it should do when a notifications has gone past its set time.

It should stop showing notifications and only show you a pop up window that you’ll have to click on.

This new Bright Eyes version of “Bright”, codenames “Bright bars,” and “bright eyes” are expected to be available in the Play Store and Google Play later this month.