What to expect at the Big Bash League finals: Stars to shine in Melbourne

The Big Bash is about to hit the grand final stages and the first team will be hoping they can put a bow on the final day.

Stars will be in full flow and ready to put on their best performance in their home league to keep their hopes alive.

Stars at the start of the series have already been making their mark and have earned the right to be a part of the celebrations at Melbourne Park.

The teams will face off in the first Test match of the round and will be aiming to win the match as quickly as possible.

The first Test is a game of one-upmanship with Australia winning by a score of 5-4 in Sydney on Friday night.

The third Test match is on Saturday and the final will be on Sunday.

The final of the World T20 is set to be played on the Sunday morning.

Australia has been playing in a three-match series for the past two years.

It started in the Australian Football League last year and ended in the Big BBL, where it played three matches, losing the third match.

The finals are a huge opportunity for the Stars to get their heads around how to win.

Stars like Dane Swan and Shane Watson have impressed in their two seasons, and the Stars need the chance to show they can carry on with a success in the league.

In this edition of the Big Show, James Sutherland joins Matt Fagan to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming World T19, the Big Brawl and whether Australia will be a contender in the inaugural season of the Super League.