India ‘staggered’ as ‘miserable’ farmers strike for better crops

Pune: Farmers on Sunday stormed the gates of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters demanding better crop yields and the end of the state government’s “miserably” policy.

The protesters were demanding the resignation of Union agriculture minister M J Venugopal after he announced the extension of a three-month moratorium on production in the state.

Venugopal had earlier on Sunday announced a three month moratorium on agricultural production, but farmers say it will continue indefinitely.

“The government’s decision to keep production at current levels is hurting farmers and we are going to continue protesting till the government agrees to our demands,” said Pune-based farmer Gaurav Shukla.

The farmers say their demands include better crops and a higher price for sugar.

The party has been on a campaign for the last four months to woo the farmers and the party has lost many elections to the Congress.