How to stop the ‘fake news’ meme

If you have the means, the next time someone accuses you of being a ‘fake reporter’ or an ‘outrageous hoaxer’, consider a few words of advice.

First, don’t take them literally.

If they suggest that you’ve been ‘disproportionately’ accused of lying or engaging in some other kind of hoax, don´t take it as such.

Instead, consider the context of the claim.

Second, donít take them as proof of any particular fact.

Rather, they are evidence of an idea that is a very common one in the social media age.

Third, don™t get caught up in the drama.

Don’t feel obliged to defend yourself, even if that means calling on others to defend you.

Rather than taking the blame for the misinformation, take the responsibility for your own actions.

It will help you avoid further damage.

The problem in the ‘Fake News’ meme is that it has the effect of eroding the reputation of journalists who do the best job of investigating and reporting on real news.

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