How to change the way you view your favorite bar code on Yelp

A new bar code scheme developed by the Israeli-based could save users money on Yelp by removing the annoying bar code at the bottom of the page, and by using bright bar logos instead of bright bars.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Report, Yelping CEO and founder Matt Kaplan said the new scheme, dubbed Yelper-Gestalt, uses bar codes to provide a new way of viewing a Yelp listing.

The new scheme is an attempt to streamline and simplify the Yelp app.

The system works by comparing the bar code to the name of a Yelp review.

If the barcode matches the name, the user is redirected to the relevant page.

If not, the bar codes are replaced with a new barcode that is displayed in the top right corner of the listing.

Users are able to browse through the barcodes, but not view the listing in a new window. will still allow users to see reviews that contain the barcoded barcode.

The new barcodes are different than the bar coded ones used by the likes of Uber, Yelp, and others, which are typically displayed in a different way.

Yealp is one of the most popular bar codes systems in the world, according to the company’s CEO, Matt Kaplan.

In recent years, the system has become popular in Israel.

In 2015, Israel’s government decided to ban bar codes on the country’s internet, citing concerns over fraud and malware.

The bar codes have since been reinstated.

Yerushalayim, a Tel Aviv startup, also launched the Barcode-A-Trip service in 2015, which allows travelers to request a bar code reservation online.