The NFL’s Bright Bar Restaurants Will Start Getting Their Own Lights

When NFL teams open new stadiums, it will become a big deal for the bars they will be serving.

The lights will be a part of the new venue’s signage.

But there will be some restrictions, including that there be no light pollution.

“We’re looking at things like using bright colors,” said Bill Siegel, the general manager of, which will be providing signage.

“It will be bright colors, the bars will be brightly colored, and it will be brighter.

We’re looking for a mix of bright colors and not being so bright that it makes the stadium look like it’s in the summertime.”

The bars will have bright red, yellow, orange and blue lights, as well as an LED light bar.

Siegel said the bars won’t have to change their lighting, but there will still be some light pollution restrictions.

The bar service is also looking to hire more bartenders.

Sauer said he will be in charge of lighting the bar.

BrightBar is also working with a restaurant that specializes in upscale dim sum and has been hiring new staff members to make the bars more inviting. 

For now, the lights will only be used on a limited number of seats.

It’s unclear how many people will be able to get seated in the bars at once.

Sargeant said he plans to hire bartenders and have them wear bright colored shirts and jackets to make sure the bars aren’t overrun with people.

“We’re trying to keep it a little more casual,” he said.

“There are a lot of people here.”