Why the ‘light bar’ is back on the Sydney Morning Herald’s front page

Posted November 10, 2019 04:14:12The Herald’s new “light bar” has been featured on the front page for the first time.

The Herald has previously used the iconic ‘light’ bar to show how to use the internet.

But this is the first newspaper to use a different symbol to mark the start of an article.

Read moreThe Herald says the new logo and headline have been a long time coming.

“We had to reinvent our whole structure, we had to think of how we would change our branding and the way we would use it,” said Herald CEO Peter Marshall.

“We have never had this much fanfare and interest in our brand, our products, our services and our content.

It has been incredible.”

The Herald will still have its iconic light bar as part of its newsroom and a section called “News” on the homepage.

But the Herald’s “news” section will have a new section called the “story”, which will be dedicated to stories from the community.

“The story will be a place for the community to tell their stories about what they are doing, who they are and what they want,” Marshall said.

The new “newsbar” will also have a dedicated section for the “community”, which is the Herald “new community” section.

The “news”, “community” and “story” sections will all be integrated into the Herald app, but the Herald website will remain unchanged.

The news section will remain in the main Herald app.

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“It’s about creating an online experience that reflects what people are interested in, what they like and what makes sense for them,” Marshall told News.au.

“So that when they are coming to the Herald they are able to be informed and engaged and feel like they are being heard and they are not just reading the news but also getting a sense of the real world, of what is happening around the world.”

The new logo will be on the Herald and the Herald Mail website.

The old “light” bar has appeared on the New South Wales and Queensland News and Current affairs pages.

The bar has also been featured in The Age, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail and The Sunday Times.

The ‘lightbar’ has also appeared on Sydney Morning News and The Age.