How The Bright Star Bar Co. Became Bright Bar Politics With Its Bright Bar Bars

It’s a new bar for the stars.

The bright star bar.

The bar that will forever define a bar in Los Angeles.

Bar owners who bought a bar license at the end of the ’90s say the bar that became The Bright Bar will define the industry.

And that’s not just a theory.

“It’s a little bit of an enigma,” said Matt Hester, owner of The Bright, which opened in 1997 and now has more than 1,600 seats.

Hester said his bar has become the epicenter of bar politics in the city.

His bar has hosted a presidential debate, a major sporting event and countless other political gatherings.

“We’ve had the mayor of the city come in and get a shot at us, which is pretty much unheard of in the business,” Hester said.

“And then we have this guy who has been on our staff for more than a decade and he gets a chance to run for mayor and win, and that’s pretty much the end.”

The bright star bars that began to sprout up around the city during the ’80s and ’90-2000 are now a booming business.

The number of bars licensed in the state is about 7,000.

There are about 2,600 bars in the Los Angeles area, and the state of California licenses about 1,700.

Henderson, who has owned The Bright for almost 10 years, said he hopes to be remembered for what he did in the bar business.

“I’ve got a little story to tell,” Henderson said.

Hesterson said he had to fight for a bar franchise in order to be able to open The Bright in the first place.

He says the bar has helped him out financially.

“When you look at all the money that’s going to be made by the bar, the business that’s gonna take place, that’s money that was being spent on the bar.

And the money is going to the people of this city,” Hesterson explained.

The bright bar that was founded by Matt Hestersons father, Matt Hemsley, and his sister, Elizabeth, in 1996 has become a staple of Los Angeles politics.

Elizabeth Hemsly owns the bar and is also the owner of a small marketing agency called Blueberry.

She said that after her father died, the bar became an issue.

“He had a heart condition and he needed a bed for his heart, so that’s why we were able to get a bed that would be his bed,” Elizabeth Hemsles said.

She said that’s where the bar got its name, after Elizabeth Homsley.

Hemslys father, who died in 2009, was an avid supporter of President Barack Obama.

Elizabeth Humes was a senior adviser to Obama during his presidential campaign and was one of the few female advisers.

“The bar that I have and the bar I’m proud of and the place that I feel that I’m in is one of my greatest accomplishments,” Hemsleys father said.

Elizabeth said that she thinks the bar was one reason that she was able to buy the Bright and hire her brother as a bar manager.

“As I said, I bought it because of Matt Humes vision and I thought, well, if I buy this bar, I want to be involved in it,” Elizabeth said.

The Hemsons have since taken the Bright to new heights.

The company has become known for being the only bar in the region to get the approval of the California Restaurant Association.

And Elizabeth says her bar has been voted one of The New York Times Best Bar Bars in the country.

Hemsley said he expects to keep expanding his bar in L.A. because of its high profile.

“You want to get that spotlight and people will come to your bar and they will want to come to the rest of your establishment,” Hedsons said.

“And you don’t want to give up the spotlight,” Hendsons said of his business.

Hessons said he will still be in touch with the bar’s owners, and he hopes the bar will be able move forward and continue to prosper.

“That’s one of our main goals.

We’re going to keep making the bar the bar it is and we’re going keep building the bar,” Hersons said about The Bright.