TechRadars bright bar: Pune’s ‘big’ ‘daddy’ is the same guy who gave the city its first skyscraper

PUNE: A new “big daddy” of Mumbai has built Mumbai’s first skyscrapers with a vision to build the city’s first mega-project, with a view to transform Mumbai into a global hub for the IT sector.

In a city with a population of 2.5 billion, the first skyscaper is the largest and tallest in the world by height, measuring over 11,000 metres.

Built by a team led by Pune-based architect Arup Bhatia, the Pune tower has been hailed as the “biggest project of the year” by the Indian architecture magazine Architectural Record.

According to the report, Bhatias team also set a new benchmark for building high-rise projects, adding that the “largest skyscraper in India” will be built for a projected $1 billion.

Bhatias’ project will consist of a combined 6.5 million square metres of office space, a hotel, a retail space, an indoor park, an amusement park and a park for recreation, according to the publication.

This is the tallest building in India, which will be the tallest in Europe.

The project will also include a residential area with an amenity center and public plaza.

The tallest building ever built in India will be set to be the World Trade Centre-type tower in New York, according the Architectural Review of India report.

Bhattias’ team is also credited with the “incredible” design of the skyscraper, according TOI.

The report states that the project was inspired by the building of a building in the city by Indian architect Mihir Gupta.

The team of Bhaties team, which includes Bhatya, architect Akshay Kulkarni and director Ashok Chaturvedi, are also said to have contributed to the success of the project.

According the report that was published in Architectural Report of India, the project will be developed as part of the government’s “Bharat Urban Revitalisation Mission” and will be completed by the end of 2020.