‘The Matrix’ trailer stars Adam Driver, John Boyega, and Keanu Reeves

This year’s The Matrix reboot is in theaters and the trailers have already begun to trickle out.

But as the trailer above from the upcoming “Paragon” video game shows, a new addition to the franchise is set to be on the big screen soon.

“Paragon,” the sequel to the 2008 game, sees players taking on the role of an elite squad that is tasked with infiltrating a dystopian future where technology is as omnipresent as the virus.

It stars John Boyes and Keanu Reeves, with Adam Driver playing an unnamed soldier in the film, and it will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 22.

In the teaser, we see the main characters, led by Commander Anderson (Reeves), who is seen in a video calling on the other members of the team to take down a mysterious AI called the Enigma, which has been attacking the United Nations, destroying its computers, and wiping out all the citizens.

The AI is led by a human named Enigma (Driver), who was captured in the previous game.

In The Matrix: Reloaded, the team of operatives infiltrating the Enigmatic Matrix is led up by Enigma’s mother, who’s played by actress Lili Taylor.

Taylor plays a human who is infected by the virus and was the first to be killed in the Enigmas battle.

(She is also the first human to be infected in a movie.)

The Enigma is portrayed by Adam Driver.

Driver is a fan favorite, playing the role for nearly 20 years, and he is set for a big role in the sequel.

In the trailer, he calls out Enigma to the group, calling him “the ultimate hero” and “a true warrior.”

You can watch the teaser trailer above, and the trailer below.

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