How the Guinness World Records are made: A guide to the history of the bar

A bar that is as big as a basketball court.

The ceiling is 18 feet high.

It has a full-length, 24-foot bar that can accommodate six people.

It is the Guinness Book of World Records.

The bar in front of the Guinness Bar and Grill is called the Barlight.

It was named after a town in northern England.

It holds its title in part because Guinness had to install a new bar lighting system because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It also is named after the Bar Light Restaurant in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the oldest and most popular bar in Newfoundland.

“It’s a really big bar, and it is the most famous bar in the world,” said Michael Zagaris, a Guinness spokesman.

“We had to have a new lighting system in St John’s.

The new bar has to have the same light, so it’s really expensive, and so we had to pay a lot of money for that.”

The bar has also been the subject of a number of Guinness Book entries.

It became the first bar in British history to have its bar lights fitted with LED lighting, and the Guinness Records has named it the world’s tallest bar.

“The Barlight has the tallest bar in Guinness World records,” said Zagavis.

“So it is not only the tallest, it’s the tallest building in the Guinness book of records, and that’s what people love about it.”

Zagaris said the Guinness bar has sold more than 2 million Guinness World Record medals since the coronvirus pandemics began, and Guinness has sold about 3 million bar medals.

Guinness has been awarded about 3,600 bar medals from the BarLight.

A Guinness spokesman said the Bar and the Bar light are owned by a group of people who live in the St. Johns area.

They’re not registered with Guinness, and they are not involved in the bar business.

He said Guinness has a partnership with the owners of the St Johns community and is committed to providing the community with a quality, affordable entertainment venue that is a great source of income for the people of St. Thomas.