How to add an extra 5% to your dining table: bar weights

The bar weights of some high-end restaurants are getting taller and heavier.

The Jerusalem Post has learned that the bar weights at some of Israel’s most famous restaurants are increasing to more than 20%, or 25,000-square-feet (2,500 square meters).

The increase in weight and height comes after the Jerusalem Post reported that Israel has installed a system of metal plates to improve the quality of its high-tech dining equipment.

The plates are equipped with metal rods and a thin sheet of plastic that allows them to slide over and under each other.

A metal plate has been installed at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Jerusalem’s Old City, which is used by many of Israel�s top chefs.

The plates were designed to be more stable when placed on the table, and are made of lightweight aluminum alloy.

They are also easier to move when they are lifted and lowered to the floor.

The plate height has increased from 3.2 feet (1 meter) to 4 feet (12 centimeters).

The height of the bar is also increasing.

At the upscale restaurant of Hana in Jerusalem, the bar height is now 5 feet (2 meters).

The bar weight is now 30 pounds (17 kilograms).

The Jerusalem bar weights were originally designed for Michelin restaurants, but the plates were installed after the restaurant had its Michelin star status revoked for violating the country�s strict guidelines on serving alcohol in restaurants.

The Michelin review of the restaurant was prompted by the restaurant�s use of metal bar weights.

It said the weight could cause damage to the restaurant.

In response to the report, a Michein spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Press:�The Michein rating system is not a law.

The bar standards and equipment can be different in each country.

We understand the concern of many Israelis.

We are reviewing our policies in Israel and will review the reports from the other restaurants.

It will be up to the Government to decide the appropriate measures to protect the public.

We have to maintain our high standards in our restaurants.

The Michelin ratings system is a guideline that is used in order to make sure that the quality and standards of our food are high.