Batch of the night at Batch Bar & Cafe’s Bright Bar Boston: New York, London, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Barcelona

Batch bar & cafe, formerly Batch Brewing Co., has been a fixture in the Boston area for more than a decade.

It’s the latest addition to the growing lineup of bars and restaurants in the area, with plans to open more in Boston in the coming years.

We recently had a chance to sit down with the owners of Batch and learn more about the history of the venue and its future.

Here’s what we learned.

Batch is located at the corner of Boylston and Chestnut Streets, in the heart of downtown Boston.

The bar, which will serve up beer and cocktails, opened in March of this year, with a grand opening in late February.

The restaurant, which sits in the basement of the building, has been an integral part of the neighborhood since the 1970s, when it was the site of an East Village nightclub.

Bats owner and bartender David Graziano told us that he was originally planning to open Batch up in a converted warehouse, but he was concerned about how the space would fare with the renovation of the property.

Batching opened in July 2019, with the bar serving as a place for the regulars to hang out, as well as for those who needed a quick grab.

As the venue became more popular, so did the popularity of the bar.

Grazierio and his partners decided to take their craft beer to a whole new level, opening a second bar and restaurant in the space in 2018.

Batches beer is handcrafted with the help of a local microbrewery, with all of the ingredients sourced from around the Boston region.

Bands tap list is limited, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Banners on the walls display a mural that features the iconic Boston Red Sox logo.

Bags, tables, and chairs are covered in posters, signs, and stickers that tell a story about the area and its history.

The venue is also equipped with a video wall that lets you watch live games on one of the six screens, as Batch serves as an official venue for the Boston Red Bulls soccer team.

The place is also home to the Batch Basket, a local food truck that serves food in the form of buns, sausage rolls, and cornbread.

Bays is located on Boylton Street between Chestnut and Boylion Streets.

The beer bar has been serving beer and cider since 2005.

Owner and bartender James Johnson told us they had initially been eyeing a new location for the bar, but after a lot of research and conversations, they decided to stick with the current location.

Johnson said the venue is located in the same building as Bats, and it has been the perfect location for Batch to expand in the years to come.

He added that Batch was originally looking to open in a strip mall, but they eventually decided to stay in the neighborhood and keep the bar in its original location.

The interior space features a wide variety of tables and chairs, with more in the works for the future.

Johnson told our friends over at BatsBoston that Batching will continue to grow, adding that they plan on adding a beer garden and more tables and seating.

The current Batch location is located across the street from the new Bats Boston location.

Bases, which is now open, is currently serving up its brews and offering a selection of live music.

Johnson and his team plan on offering more events on the weekends, and Johnson also told us he plans to bring in some new staff to the bar to keep the decor fresh and the atmosphere lively.

Banging around the building can be quite fun, as the space has a large outdoor patio, which offers plenty of seating and is surrounded by a large pool table.

We asked Johnson if he could tell us what Bases is like on a typical weekend night, and he said that the bar has a wide selection of beer options available, including their signature Red Bull beer.

The Bases Boston location has been open for about six months, with Bats now offering a variety of menu items for the customers.

We spoke with the owner about the atmosphere and he explained that the location has a lot to offer to the neighborhood.

Basing has been running for about five years now, and the bar and lounge is currently open daily, with many happy customers on hand.

Johnson also shared a story of his time at Bases that we really enjoyed.

Baskets Boston is an all-day bar that has been in the city for several years, serving a wide range of beers from across the country.

The location is an old, abandoned warehouse that was converted into a bar and a dining room.

The original Bases location opened in late 2018, and Bases opened in early 2019.

Basks staff includes bartenders, a