Apple to add brightness bar to iPhone X, XS Max, and XS Edge models

Apple is set to introduce a new set of hardware-accelerated features to its upcoming iPhones, the company announced on Monday.

The new capabilities include an improved, brighter, and more colorful brightness bar, which will be integrated into the new display of the iPhone X and Xs Max, the new iPhone XS, and the new XS and X models.

According to a statement released by Apple, the “lightness bar” will provide users with more information about the color of the display, which Apple calls “a key component in the way you interact with your phone.”

Apple also said it will also be adding the “Lightness Level” to its settings, which allows users to adjust the brightness level of their display.

The feature was introduced in the iPhone 8S and iPhone X with the addition of a white balance mode.

The “light color” option will also allow users to toggle between a “dark color” and a “light tone,” according to Apple.

The brightness bar will be accessible from the lock screen by swiping up on the lock icon.

The “light” and “dark” settings can be accessed from the volume rocker.

Apple said it was also adding the ability to disable the “brightness bar,” which was previously only available to Apple Watch users.