Which of these celebrity-loving kids can dance to Lil Wayne’s “T-Shirt”?

by The MothPosted by Lana Rhodes ( @lanaroth )On Wednesday February 12th, MTV announced that Lil Wayne was going to host his “T-shirt” party at The Moth in Los Angeles.

It wasn’t the first time he’d appeared on the show, either; in February of this year, he was on the show to present a special guest slot.

The T-shirts are now available for purchase via the Instagram page of the MTV show, and the MVP  director said they were a big hit.

Lil Wayne had a very successful event last year at Busta Rhymes’ Mouthful Minds show in Las Vegas.

The rapper wore his shirt in a series of videos featuring his fans dancing along with him.

Here’s a sneak peek of the T shirt:In addition to Lil Wayne, BUSTA and MISTYMOTH stars Jenna Talackova, Kristen Wiig, Jennifer Lopez, Kris Kristofferson, Shawn Mendes, Travis Scott, Andra Day, Eddie Murphy, and BJ Edwards were also attending the party.

The event sold out in record time, and BEST OF MTV tweeted out that Lil Liam was “thrilled to show his support” for MUST DO  “This week’s T Shirt party has been an incredible success and is an amazing opportunity for our community. 

The MIA and MISTYLUST families are thraced with new models and new trends, so Lil Lemmy and the MIA family are excited to announce that the BOMBIN will be performing a new music video featuring LIL WAYNE! 

The video, directed by Lilian M. Brown, has been filmed and is now available to download via MCA oficial for all VOD fans to watch.

It is available to stream now on MCE for those who prefer to watch it on VOD, or on MUSE for streaming only.

The Boom Bop family will also be featured on the video, and will also appear on the song BANG  with Lil Wayne.

If you want to see the video, then just head over to MME and download the song from the link below.

The full video is available on MTV for all VOD fans.

Check out the original song on MME for the beginner versus advanced level of experience available. 

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