When is your next big thing going to be in your bar?

The bar at the new Bright venue bar in San Francisco will be a place to relax after work and to share some brews.

The new bar, which opened last month, is being dubbed a “small-batch beer bar” because it will feature a smaller tasting room and small-batch beers available at the bar.

The beer, which will be available in limited batches, will be offered only in bottles.

The bar will also be the first to offer tap and keg service, which is currently offered only at the venue.

Bars and pubs are increasingly being replaced by restaurants, bars, and even coffee shops.

A large part of the problem is that there are too few places to drink in a big city.

So, when bars and restaurants can’t compete with one another, it’s difficult to see them ever staying.

The Bright venue will be one of the first bar/restaurant hybrid spaces in the United States, with a focus on small-scale craft brewing and tasting.

The company will be selling tap, bottled, and draft beer.

Bright is developing a system to make its tap and bottled beer easier to find in a wide range of locations, including bars and cafes.

This is a major step in the right direction, said Bright founder and CEO Andrew Zajac.

The bar will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with beer and food offerings until 11 p.g.

There will be two beer taps in the building.

Zajac said the concept is to take the old bar and turn it into a microbrewery.

This would allow a small brewery to make a variety of beer, and provide a space to share it with friends and family, he said.

The idea is to bring back the microbrew scene, said Zajic.

The space will also host weekly bar/beer tastings, which would be open to the public.

Birds of a Feather is the latest example of a small-time craft brewer turning to a larger brewery for the next big idea.

In January, Bird of Prey Brewing Company opened its second brewery in Brooklyn, New York.

It will be able to sell beer and wine and serve as a tasting room for craft brewers.

The brewery will be run by Bird of Feather’s owner, Michael Schmiedecker, and has been brewing since 2015.

It is the first craft brewery in New York state to be certified by the New York State Brewers Guild.

Bird of Preys founder David Gebhardt said the bar is being modeled on the Bird of Light.

That is a small, craft brewery with a tap room, and he said he would like to see the bar evolve into something that is more like a small microbrew pub.