When a car’s lights go out, you need a car alarm

NANCY ROSE / FOX NEWS New York (FOX NEWS) New York’s first self-driving car will soon begin taking passengers.

New York State’s Department of Motor Vehicles and Uber announced Wednesday that Uber will begin testing the new car, the Uber X, on Long Island, New York.

Uber will use its fleet of autonomous vehicles to test the new vehicle.

The new X will be equipped with a camera that can track the vehicle’s position in the lane and on the road.

Drivers will also be able to communicate with the car, and it will know if the driver needs to make a right turn or an exit, the DMV said.

The DMV said the new X vehicle has the capacity to make an estimated 200,000 trips in its first year.

The Department of Transportation and the DMV also said they are working with Uber to make sure the new self-balancing vehicle can be approved for operation in New York City.