How to make a bright bar with Minecraft

If you have Minecraft, it is easy to create bright bars in Minecraft.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to create a bright black bar.

Step 1: Set the desired heightStep 2: Set a color of your choiceStep 3: Add a bright green backgroundStep 4: Add another bright green colorStep 5: Add your desired height, color and sizeStep 6: Add some background to your dark bar.

Note: I use the same background color as the bar, but in this case, I added a bright purple.

Step 7: Add other settingsStep 8: Close your Minecraft windowStep 9: Add the dark bar to your Minecraft menuStep 10: Click “Add”Step 11: The Minecraft menu should open.

Step 12: Add an object to your hotbar object listStep 13: Set your hotbars size and brightnessStep 14: Select a dark bar object in the hotbar listStep 15: Click the object to add it to your object list