Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are both running on the same hardware

Pixel: The first Pixel has been revealed.

Google Pixel XL: The second Pixel has not been unveiled.

Pixel: Both devices are powered by the same silicon.

Pixel XL (model no.

C-C99B1): 8-inch and 11-inch Pixel phones.

Pixel 2 XL: 10.5-inch version of the Pixel 2.

Pixel C: 7.7-inch model.

Pixel 3: 8- or 9-inch.

Pixel 4: 9.7 inches Pixel 5: 11- or 12-inch device.

Pixel 6: 12.9-inch phone.

Pixel 7: 12- or 13-inch handset.

Pixel 10: 15- or 17-inch flagship device.

Google’s flagship phones have been built by a combination of Intel and Qualcomm chips.

Intel has been the manufacturer of Android, the operating system that runs Google’s devices.

Qualcomm is the processor vendor that powers Android.

Intel is a subsidiary of Intel Corporation, and Qualcomm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc. Qualcomm also makes the chips powering many of the chips found in most smartphones.

Qualcomm has also made the chips that power some Chromebooks and tablets.

Google has been using the chips for its Pixel phones for some time, and the Pixel phones themselves have been using Qualcomm chips since 2012.

But Google’s newest Pixel phones have yet to be unveiled.

The company has announced a new version of Pixel, the Pixel XL, in January.

The Pixel XL was revealed at a press event earlier this month.

This new Pixel phone is supposed to come in two sizes: 8 and 11 inches.

It will be available in two colors: gray and black.

The phone will have a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-megapixels front-facing camera.

The device will be made by Google.

It’s also supposed to have a faster processor than the Pixel line of phones.

Google says the Pixel and the new Pixel XL will come in three different models.

Pixel 8: 9- and 11.5 inches.

Pixel 9: 12 inches and 16-inches.

Pixel 11: 16-inch, 9-and-11-inch models.

The 8- and 9-inches phones are both going to be the same, with an extra inch of screen real estate.

Pixel X: 11.6- and 13-inches models.

This is the same phone as the Pixel 9, but it’s going to have the extra inch.

Pixel 13: 13.1- and 15-inches versions.

Pixel 15: 16 and 17-inches Pixel 16: 17- and 19-inch versions.

The new Pixel phones are supposed to be priced at $799 and $849, respectively.

Google hasn’t released pricing for the Pixel X or Pixel X XL yet, but I’ve seen reports suggesting that the Pixel 15 and the 15X are available for as little as $999 and $1,199, respectively, according to MyTech.

The prices of the two new phones aren’t yet available.

The price of the new Google phones will be released in a few weeks, according the report.

Google will offer an upgrade to the Pixel 5X and Pixel 6P for $10 more.

Google also has another device to offer in the Pixel series, the Google Pixel Book.

It has an 8-and 9-megaspect display, a 13.3-inch screen, a 1,600mAh battery, and 4G LTE.

The Google PixelBook is expected to be available this fall.

The Chromebook Pixel is still available for purchase, although it won’t be available on a Google Pixel phone.

Google still has a few other Pixel phones in the pipeline, including the Pixel C. The latest Pixel phones, however, have not yet been announced.

There are also rumors that a new Google Pixel is in the works.

The first two Pixel phones will arrive in October.

There’s also the Pixel 4, which has a 9.4-inch display and a 1.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor.

The next two Pixel smartphones will arrive later this year.

The phones will run on Android 5.1.1, but Google isn’t talking about the new version.

The Nexus phones will also launch in October, but the company hasn’t announced a specific date.