How to adjust the light bar on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The S8’s new “S-Pen” and S-Pen Plus buttons on the sides of the phone may look different from previous iterations, but they’re still very similar to the way they look on the Galaxy Note 8, which is why we’re seeing so many comparisons.

While the S8 doesn’t have the same curved metal body that Samsung is known for, there’s still a lot of metal that is being utilized in the design of the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus.

We’ve also seen the new S-Key on both devices and, again, they look identical.

We’ll be comparing the S-Models of both the S7 and S9, and the new curved metal design on both models.

We’re also comparing the rear camera on both the phones to the S10.

If you want to see the camera comparison of both devices, check out our review.

First up, let’s take a look at the Galaxy A9, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S10 models.

The Galaxy A6 Galaxy S6 Galaxy A5 Galaxy S5 Galaxy A4 Galaxy S3 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S1 Galaxy S0 Galaxy S4 Galaxy A1 Galaxy A0 Galaxy A7 Galaxy A8 Galaxy A3 Galaxy A2 Galaxy A10 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Galaxy A-10 Galaxy A17 Galaxy A16 Samsung Galaxy A11 Samsung Galaxy Pro 10 Galaxy A12 Galaxy A14 Galaxy A15 Samsung Galaxy Pocket 15 Samsung Galaxy J1 Samsung Galaxy Ace 16 Samsung Galaxy Smart 16 Samsung K10 Samsung S7 Samsung Galaxy X20 Samsung Galaxy Max 10Samsung Galaxy J5 Samsung Galaxy E1 Samsung M9 Samsung Galaxy U11 Samsung X8 Samsung Galaxy Y8Samsung Galaxy X3Samsung Galaxy Y7Samsung Galaxy Z3Samsung M7Samsung J6Samsung M5Samsung J4Samsung S7Samsung S6Samsung S5Samsung S4Samsung Galaxy S12Samsung Galaxy A13Samsung Galaxy Ace Samsung Galaxy Mega 5Samsung Galaxy Mega 6Samsung Galaxy Mini 4Samsung Galaxy M9Samsung Galaxy E7Samsung X9Samsung S8Samsung S9Samsung X8Samsung G3Samsung J8Samsung X7Samsung G10Samsung S2Samsung Galaxy U7Samsung Mega 7Samsung Mega 6 Samsung Mega 5 Samsung Mega 4Samsung Mini 4Galaxy A8Samsung Mega 5Galaxy E9Samsung Mega 4Galamobile Galaxy M6Samsung Galaxy Max 8Galamoto G5Galaxy Mega 6Galaxy G5Samsung Galaxy N7Galaxy Mini 4LG G6Galaxy S5LG G5Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia Lumia 920Nokia 830Nokia 1020Nokia X2Nokia 520Nexus 6P OnePlus 3P OnePlus 4P OnePlus 5P OnePlus 6P Samsung Galaxy Alpha 4S Sony Xperia XA Sony Xperia E7Sony Xperia XZ Sony Xperia Z UltraSony Xperia Z PremiumSamsung Galaxy Nexus 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung Kaby Lake 7 Samsung Galaxy Nexus 11Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Samsung K series Samsung Galaxy Mini 10Samsung K series Mini 6Samsung K Series Mini 8Samsung Galaxy Series 10Samsung Tab S3 Samsung Galaxy T10 Samsung Tab S5 Samsung Tab Pro 10Samsung Note 8 Samsung Note 9Samsung Galaxy Alpha 9Samsung K9Samsung K10Samsung Galaxy T6Samsung K7Samsung Note 10Samsung G6Samsung G7Samsung K8Samsung K4Samsung K5Samsung K6Samsung Nexus 11 Samsung Galaxy G5 Samsung Note 5Samsung Note 7 Samsung Note 7 ProSamsung Note Pro 10 Samsung Tab 2 10 Samsung Pro 8 Samsung Tab 6 Samsung Tab 10 Samsung Edge Samsung Edge 7 Samsung Edge 10Samsung Edge 10 ProSamsung Galaxy Note 10 Samsung S Series Samsung S5 Series Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S Series 10 Samsung K Series Samsung K2 Series Samsung Tab 1 10 Samsung E Series Samsung E series 10 Samsung Note 10 Galaxy S11 Samsung Note 11 Samsung Note 13 Samsung Galaxy K5 Samsung Nexus 10Samsung Nexus 10X Samsung Galaxy 10 Samsung X series Samsung X2 Samsung Note 4 Samsung Galaxy R series Samsung E11 Samsung E12 Samsung Galaxy Z seriesSamsung Galaxy C SeriesSamsung Galaxy G series Samsung S seriesSamsung Note 5 Samsung Galaxy Series 9 Samsung Galaxy series 10Samsung A series Samsung Note 8Samsung Note 9 Samsung Note A10Samsung Note A7 Samsung Note Pro Samsung Galaxy mini 2 Samsung Galaxy N9 Samsung K-series Samsung Galaxy P seriesSamsung Tab Pro 8Samsung Tab 10 Pro Samsung Tab 11 Samsung Tab 4 Samsung Tab 5 Samsung Tab 8 Samsung Galaxy Pad 2 Samsung Tab 9 Samsung Tab 3 Samsung Tab E2 Samsung Tab Mini 7 Samsung Tab X3 Samsung Tab SE Samsung Galaxy C series Samsung M seriesSamsung M10 Samsung M11Samsung Galaxy series 8 Samsung M10 Plus Samsung M1 Samsung A seriesSamsung S series Samsung K9 Samsung S8 Samsung S9 Samsung P series Samsung R seriesSamsung G seriesSamsung A9Samsung E seriesSamsung K- seriesSamsung X seriesSamsung J seriesSamsung Z series Samsung P SeriesSamsung S-seriesSamsung S Series10 Samsung Note S10Samsung K1 Samsung Note P